Waistband Information

Our Waistbands are designed to be adjustable. The waist size can be increased or decreased by 2″ of the original size in inch increments. For example if you order a 36″ Waistband, this can be adjusted down to a 34″ & up to a 38″

See our measuring guide for how to correctly measure yourself for a perfect fit.

Rolled Edges

Rolled edges of the waistband can be added if you require them, a perfect addition to your belt to ensure a smooth fit all around, although not required to acheive a good comfortable fit.

Detachable Cuff connectors

Detachable cuff connectors can be added to the wasitband so you are able to add attachments such as Hand Cuffs to your belt. Check out our own range of hand cuffs here, The cuff Connectors are easily removed and reattached should you want to take them off.

3 Point Locking System

If you currently have a 3 point locking system chastity belt you will require a waistband to suit, this waistband will have an extra locking post and a larger center hole to accomodate the third locking post. Please see below.

Rod & Cable

The rod and cable are the only components that are made to a generic size and the length is determined by the waistband size, should you require a shorter or longer rod/ cable we can supply a custom length one for no extra charge, only price of postage.