“After a long and exciting few weeks wait, my belt finally arrived! everything just clicks together with ease and you quickly realize the amount of effort and time put into these belts! I went for a colored belt and its amazing! would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a full belt! Thank you BehindBarz!” – Nial 
“My wife purchased this belt for me to step up our involvement in chastity, we have tried other name brands in full belts but this one is the icing on the cake! fast communication and I was helped through the whole process” – Ethan
“Belt is very nice fit and looks very good! will keep on for long time!” – Andre
“Hesitant purchasing from BehindBarz due to the price tag, However when I opened the box I quickly realized why! Amazing quality, attention to detail and a great fit!” – Dave
“With everything properly adjusted and fitting well, I find that the waistband rides low enough to not be overtly visible above your waist under your pants, there is no noticeable bulge to raise eyebrows, and once locked there is no getting out, no unauthorized stimulation possible and no playing with myself in any way. It is very comfortable, and I am not sure that there is much you cannot do while wearing this device (except go through metal detectors and airport security). I am using all the components and have all the parts adjusted quite tightly now, which means there is very little movement that can chafe, and like a well-fitting pair of underwear – it just moves with your body and stays put. As I sit here right now typing this review, I can say it solves every single problem I have ever had with any device I have ever used (and there have been many) and may just be the holy grail of devices I have been after all along!” – Harry, UK – Find the full review here! – https://www.chastitymansion.com/forums/index.php?threads/full-review-of-bbcs-behindbarz-full-belt.36258/
“It looks just as good as the day I received it and has become part of me that is terribly missed if off (which isn’t very often.) My wife said it is probably the best investment She has ever made for us. I know a few more people here that have recently bought one after careful consideration and are extremely happy with their choice” –  Alan, France 
“As a very active man and a self proclaimed fitness addict I didn’t expect to be able to wear my belt during my exercises…I quickly realized the more I wear the belt and the more active I am in the belt the comfier it is! Its been with me everywhere now from the gym to up mountains on my bike! excellent design” – Kevin, UK 
“So many devices and belts claim to be inescapable, ive had my fair share and concluded they’re all gimmicks or indeed easy to escape…this was of course until I came across Behind Barz…recommended by a friend that had tried and tested them he wouldn’t stop talking about it, curiositygot the better of me and in this case im very glad of this! The Perfect belt.” – Ryan, Australia
“Truly happy with my belt, I was being difficult with the guys at Behind Barz and changed my order more than a couple times! they were more than happy to help and was ever so patient with me. The level of quality is hard to grasp unless you have been hands on with one, I was dubious at the time of ordering but when it arrived quickly realized I had made the right choice…they may be more expensive than other full belts but are worth every single dollar! I will definitely be going back to get some more attachments for mine! ” – Michael, FL – USA 
“After a long time in chastity trying all of the belts and devices, I can happily say ive found my forever belt!” – Zac, California 
I have received the belt and it’s great. Thank you so much for your work. I will make  a review after some days of wearing but will surely be absolutely positive!  – Andrea, Italy.
I first of all thought that a Behindbarz complete system was a little out of my price range but after lots of thought and reading through reviews and positive comments on Behindbarz, I decided to go for it. After a few days wearing the belt and adjusting it to suit me I can honestly say, how happy I am to have made this purchase. I absolutely love the design and how aesthetically pleasing it is and also how comfortable it is once you get it to suit your shape. What an amazing product.David, Northern England, UK.
Hi guys, I received my belt and my first impressions have left me gobsmacked. Your reputation is not overblown. – Mark, USA.  
“I write to tell you that everything is perfect with the modifications you did on my belt.  I really like the brushed steel finish.  To me your design really is the most appealing one can get anywhere.  Thank you once again for your kind and caring way of doing business.  That’s a rare thing nowadays and I really appreciate it!” -Tom, Northern Europe.  
“Got the Complete System belt today, even before the promised time.  It is a beautiful work of craftsmanship and I am so happy to finally have one.  It is everything you promised and more.  Just a little bending and had to adjust the waist in a bit….probably due to my not measuring correctly, and it fits with comfort that I never expected….even after all the praises and reviews others have made.  You should be extremely proud of your skills and reputation.  It is well deserved.  Thanks for such a pleasant experience.  After over 5 years of wearing a ball-trapped device, this is such a pleasant change that I never expected from a full belt.”   – James, TX, USA.     After receiving the above email from James, we asked if he would kindly allow us to quote him on our Testimonials Page here.  He responded as follows:   “Yes, that would be ok!  You have really  eliminated all the usual complaints that other belt wearers have experienced, to your deserved credit.  I slept well. My morning shower was easy to accomplish fully belted, and bathroom duties are much better than with my former devices. I’m happy for your users glowing reports that certainly influenced my purchase.  No disappointments.  Another very satisfied belted customer.”
“After some bending of the belt to fit my body this belt was everything I was hoping for it’s so comfortable compared to ball trap devices.” – Eric, NY, US. 
After receiving his belt, NewlyChastised wrote “I put it on the 38 inch setting and wrapped it around my waist and WOW, it fit like a glove. After putting it on I did pushups, lunges, squats, mountains climbers etc with 0 to none inhibition. I mean I can feel its there but it doesn’t pinch, doesn’t bruise, and allows for free range of motion.”    Update: “Been more than a year now and still absolutely love this piece of art.” – NewlyChastised, USA. Read NewlyChastised’s discussion on Chastity Mansion here.
“After spending a few weeks with my belt, it is absolutely fantastic and meets every requirement that I was looking for.  The community is ever so lucky to have you guys doing such phenomenal work.” – Andrew, Ontario, Canada. 
Following Mark receiving his belt just 7 days earlier, we received an email from him asking to purchase a number of additional items for his interchangeable belt.  He included… “This order may be a bit large and you may ask yourself, why so much?  I am so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this belt, that I honestly can’t imagine what I would do if down the road, years from now, I needed replacement parts and for some reason you were no longer building them.  Your product is that good.  I am confident no one else builds belts of this quality, and as effective!”  – Mark, Canada.  We assured him we plan on staying put!  🙂 
“Thank you for your help re the belt it all arrived safety the belt is fantastic and I’m really pleased” – Nick, England. 
Following an email from Antony to say he had received his chastity belt safely (delivered discreetly to his work address), we asked if he had managed to have a peek inside the parcel.  His reply was as follows… “I’ve done more than peek in the box.  I’ve found out how it goes together and quickly tried it on.  It will fit very well.  A very beautiful and extremely well thought out device.  I’ll be locked into it properly over the weekend.  It looks so sexy but I can see it will deny me everything but looks.  Thanks for the excellent customer service.” – Antony, Milano Italy.  Email updating us after the weekend… “Having tried on the belt the day it arrived I downsized it by one inch. After 52 hours of continuous wear I never want it to come off. It feels like steel underwear, fits very well and is very comfortable. I have had no restriction with any normal activities and as well as driving the car and sleeping I have climbed a ladder and sat on the floor at a concert for over an hour. I chose the Hannibal 2 cage which looks great and shows that chastity can look sexy. No visual or touch contact with the cock. The tube is perfect – most of the time I am unaware that the cock is there at all and when it stirs there is no pain but uncontrollable useless twitching and gentle pulsating. With the ring, tube and cage all held together in place any attempt to move the case up and down simply moves the body parts all together and physical stimulation seems impossible. Totally chaste. I used to fantasise about being in this level of chastity and Behind Barz have made it a reality. Genius – and all with excellent customer service and the chance for an aftercare appointment for minor adjustments. Thank you!” – Antony, Milano Italy.  Email updating us after 5 days… “I’ve just begun my sixth day locked. I’m sufficiently confident in the belt to be discussing an indefinite lock with a keyholder. Just a few minor adjustments to finalise the perfect settings. I’m especially pleased that I can still wear tight jeans over the belt without any obvious bulge.” – Antony, Milano Italy. 
“I’ve received the belt and it’s a masterpiece.” – Thomas, ID, USA. 
“Just wanted to drop you a quick note as I’ve had the belt for a few days. Still fiddling a little bit to get the comfort perfect especially waistband length, but from first observations, I love it. I’ve been wearing just the waistband during the day to get used to it, and I’m already forgetting it’s there. Two full nights with the full ring, tube and cage and I haven’t had to take it off due to discomfort! I’m pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the tube is, I was expecting more pinch points between the sides, but it just doesn’t happen. I love the black, it’s exactly what I was expecting. Thanks so much for putting out a quality product!!” – JN, USA. 
“I remember the first time I wore my belt with an outer cage. What a difference! I was expecting it to feel different, of course, but it really was a huge change. The security I wished for is there. There really is no escape. ”Andy (Ruffled Sheets), UK: Client, Sex Toy Reviewer, Consultant & blogger.  Read Andy’s 2nd Independent Review Here
“I just wanted to let you know that the belt arrived last night. WOW!!!!  It is even nicer than I expected. It fits so well. I have another custom made belt from a different manufacturer and this one fits so much better. It is much less noticeable under clothing compared to my other belt. I really like how easy it is to clean. ” – Sean, Hawaii, USA. 
“My god, it’s gorgeous. In a room full of people wearing chastity devices at a local kink convention, this was the device that had everyone talking and wanting to see every angle and know every feature about it. It just LOOKS stunning and “inescapable” when placed on someone’s body. ” – Mistress Kay (Kinky World): Sex Toy Reviewer, Consultant & blogger. 

Read Mistress Kay’s Independent Review Here

“It sort of feels like being locked up in Fort Knox, Very sturdy, no way to get out once you get in.  It will take me some getting used to because of the sturdiness of the belt, very little movement at all.  Very well manufactured in all aspects” – Paul, USA.  
“The British company Behind Barz brings fantasies to life – in the form of hand-made metal products such as chastity belts and bondage beds.  To gain insights into the company’s activities and philosophy, EAN asked Joe Francis, the Creative Director of Behind Barz, for an interview.”  Published by Matthias Poehl, EAN Read our interview with EAN Here!  
“Thanks Behind Barz, it’s easy to see why you have such an excellent reputation for customer service Chastity Mansion Member 
“Your customer service is just superb!” – Mark, USA. 
“Thanks so much for your great service, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”Mexican National. 
“I’ve grown to love the feel of steel around my waist and it feels odd when it’s not there. It’s impossible for me to become erect and I have no idea when my next orgasm will be.”Andy (Ruffled Sheets), UK: Client, Sex Toy Reviewer, Consultant & blogger.  Read Andy’s 1st Independent Review Here
“The belt is very comfortable, the locking system is great and he likes the feel of the steel and how easy it is to clean!”Wife and Keyholder of Client from the USA. 
“If you’re looking for a full metal rigid male chastity belt, I’d recommend talking to the team at Behind Barz.”DogsBody: Client and Chastity Mansion Member.  Read DogsBody’s Independent Review Here
“There is no noticeable bump with this device at the front! The design is stunning and I am totally secure. You did a great job!”French National. 
“Behind Barz belts are British made and of the best quality”FetLife Post from Client. 
“My custom-made belt looks amazing. It will be awesome when the chains go on. No escape for me. Thanks so much for your understanding.”Client, Milton Keynes, UK. 
“It looks like your group did some thorough design work, especially from the hygiene standpoint. I think that’s really important for us with active lifestyles. Your price point is fairly reasonable as well! You’re creating a decent buzz here in the states”Message from FetLife Member, Illinois, US. 
“The belt has been through some interesting tests this week… a) Driving and sitting – pass! b) Driving a forklift truck – pass! c) Pain in the scrotum – None – Hurrah! d) Pain for the cock – None Just that nice feeling of restricted fullness when an erection attempts.”Phil, Client and blogger from East Midlands, UK.  Read Phil’s Blog Here
“I have been very impressed with the service you have offered from the outset and the quality of the products made is first class”Email from Brian, Hampshire, UK. 
“The success of the belt design is due to the efforts of the Creative Director who impressed me so much with his in depth understanding of why other chastity belts had not worked for me. His professional yet approachable manner gave me such confidence and I cannot praise him highly enough”Steve, West Midlands, UK.