Chastity Belt Spares

Spare Parts

All items that make up our Male Chastity Belts are available as separate parts. If you want to add another level of excitement to your current belt or simply have the reassurance of having spare parts available when you need them then contact us using our online enquiry form.
Chastity Belt Alterations

Repairs And Alterations

We are happy to undertake any repairs or alterations to your Behind Barz Male Chastity Belts. Using our online enquiry form send us details of your requirements and we will provide a quote. Please note, we only repair/alter products purchased from Behind Barz
Customisable Chastity Belt

Customised Chastity Belts

Our Chastity Belts are already available in a range of colours but if you require something a little more personal, contact us to discuss how we can tailor our product to suit your taste. We can undertake specific modifications to any item within the Behind Barz range to include Prince Alberts. We can supply additional attachments and we also offer an engraving service. We can work to a sample sketch, engineering drawing or take verbal instructions. Let your imagination run wild.