Rear Attachment

Please choose one of the following Rear Attachments to suit your own personal choice and lifestyle. Rear Rod:  The stainless steel rod is attached at the bottom of the cage and then screwed to the back of the waistband; it is sized to the belt (waist size) as much as possible.  The rod is supplied with a predetermined bend that can be manipulated further by the wearer.  Once applied to a person it can be shaped further to their own preference and comfort.  There may be excess which would require cutting once fitted.  You can cut this yourself or send back to us and we can take care of this for you.  The rod cannot be removed by the wearer if fitted correctly.The belt can be worn with or without the rod. The rod is fine for long term wear, we designed it this way for hygiene reasons.  The belt complete with the rod fitted does not impede toilet function at all.  Some people wear the rod loose enough to twist to the side when defecating and others prefer the rod to sit snugly inside the butt cheeks (enough so you cannot detect it being there when sitting directly on it).  This does of course mean it is less easy to move to the side when using the toilet however the fact the rod is sat centrally, is made of stainless steel, and measures just 4mm, solids pass it easily and cleaning up is very easy and and hygienic to do with wipes.

Modification Ideas: A butt plug can be modified to fit on to the rod, which would act as another security measure!  Modification fees apply for these options.  Please contact us to discuss further.