Pup Belt Combination



This is our newly designed belt specifically for pups!

This belt has been developed in a way that when being worn, it gives you the same angle and look that a pup would have all while maintaining our very high level of security. 

As with our other belts, the parts are interchangeable. This means that if you want to wear the pup belt when in your attire but would still like to be locked for daily activities, you can change the pup parts over to our standard ring and tube and the belt then becomes our standard behind barz chastity belt. 

When purchasing the pup belt, you will receive the pup attachments and also standard attachments so the belt can be worn for play as well as standard chastity.

The sizes that are chosen for the cock ring and penis tube will correlate in the pup attachment sizes so we only require you to fill out the fields given

Waist Size *

Cock Ring size *

Penis Tube Size *

Additional bars on tube

Colour *