BBCS – Complete System



The Behind Barz Complete System (BBCS) is our flagship product handmade in the UK using 316 surgical stainless steel.  The design has been created to give the user optimum cleanliness with out compromising on security.  The belt is fabricated using 1.5mm steel for comfort with additional components made from steel bar and 2mm steel.

The BBCS consists of the following components:

  • Chastity Belt (Colour options available)
  • Cock Ring
  • Penis Tube
  • Spacer Plates x 3
  • Fitting Nut
  • Locks x 2 (Same key)
  • Cage (Colour options available)
  • Rod
  • Standard Back Plate
  • Back Plate with Rod retainer hook

While the components are made to suit a certain size required, our outer cages come in one size.  We use identical Locks and keys with each belt so we are able to supply you with replacements if required, however we aren’t able to sell keys or locks separately. We can customise your belt and cage with our unique range of colours, all other components are left as virgin steel unless you want a custom belt.


Our Male Chastity Belts are designed to be adjustable. The waist size can be increased or decreased by 2 inches of the original size in inch increments. See our measuring guide for how to correctly measure yourself for a perfect fit.


BBCS with Bare Cage – price starts from £660
BBCS with Enclosed Cage – price starts from £700
BBCS with Hannibal 1 – price starts from £800
BBCS with Hannibal 2 – price starts from £850
BBCS with Hannibal 3 – price starts from £900

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*Please note we can only engrave on stainless steel, not any other colour. If you choose a colour and engraving, the back plate will be left as steel and that shall be engraved with your request*

Strap On Attachment

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