Complete Chastity Belt for Men (BBCS)

Experience the ultimate in men’s chastity belt with the Behind Barz Complete System (BBCS). Crafted from high-quality 316 surgical stainless steel, our BBCS offers the perfect blend of security and hygiene for those exploring chastity. This comprehensive system includes a waistband, cock ring, penis tube, cage with colour options, and various essential components. With an unwavering focus on cleanliness and security, the BBCS is your key to unlocking your desires and embracing male chastity with confidence.


See the waistbands page for a detailed explantion about sizes and the available extras

Cock Ring

Check out our cock rings page for more information

Penis Tube

See our penis tube page to find out more information

Please note: Additional Bars & PA are not compatible with our Enclosed Tube


For more information about our range of cages, visit our cages page.


Visit our extras page to learn more about the extra options available to personalise your belt.

Our stainless steel strap-on attachment is specifically designed for our belts, The strap-on attachment is placed behind the central fitting nut; it is easily mounted or removed and does not require unlocking the belt

Please note we can only engrave on stainless steel – If you choose a colour & engraving, the back plate will be left as steel and that will be engraved with your request.

We can engrave Barcodes, QR Codes, Signs & many other Symbols, Please get in touch via email if this is something you require.


The success of the belt design is due to the efforts of the Creative Director who impressed me so much with his in depth understanding of why other chastity belts had not worked for me. His professional yet approachable manner gave me such confidence and I cannot praise him highly enough.

Steve, West Midlands, UK.

Experience Ultimate Security and Hygiene with the Behind Barz Complete Chastity Belt for Men

At Behind Barz, we understand the importance of security and cleanliness when it comes to male chastity. Our Behind Barz Complete System (BBCS) chastity belt for men is meticulously handcrafted using 316 surgical stainless steel to provide men with an unparalleled experience in chastity. With a focus on optimising hygiene without compromising on security, the BBCS sets a new standard in male chastity belts.

Key Features of the Behind Barz Complete System (BBCS)

  • High-Quality Materials: We take pride in using the finest materials for the BBCS, ensuring durability and comfort. The waistband is constructed from 1.2mm stainless steel, and additional components are made from 2mm stainless steel, providing robustness that stands the test of time.
  • Optimum Cleanliness: Our unique design is centred around providing the user with the highest level of cleanliness. The stainless steel construction allows for easy hygiene maintenance, ensuring that your experience is as clean as it is secure.
  • Complete Security: Security is paramount when it comes to chastity belts for men. The BBCS includes a secure rear rod at the back, and a smooth back plate is also provided should you choose not to use the rear rod. We prioritize your security so you can explore your desires with confidence.

Components of the Behind Barz Complete System (BBCS)

The BBCS includes a comprehensive set of components to enhance your chastity experience:

  • Waistband (with Colour Options): The waistband is a central component, available with colour options to suit your preferences.
  • Cock Ring: Designed for comfort and security, the cock ring is an integral part of the system.
  • Penis Tube: The penis tube provides additional security and is an essential component of the BBCS.
  • Cage (with Colour Options): For those who desire extra control and aesthetic choices, the cage component comes in various color options.
  • Fitting Nut: This component ensures a snug and secure fit.
  • Locks x 2 (Same Key): The two locks provided offer uncompromising security.
  • Spacer Plates x 3: Spacer plates provide customizable comfort and fit.
  • Rod: The rod component is essential for those seeking enhanced security.
  • Standard Back Plate: The standard back plate is provided for convenience.
  • Back Plate with Rod Retainer Hook: For users opting for the rear rod, this component offers added security.

Sizing Made Easy

We understand that the perfect fit is crucial for comfort and security. For sizing details, visit our measuring guide here. We’re dedicated to helping you find the right fit for the BBCS, ensuring your experience is tailored to your specific needs.

Unlock Your Desires with the BBCS

The BBCS Chastity Belt for Men is more than just a chastity belt; it’s a commitment to security, hygiene, and satisfaction. Explore your deepest desires with confidence and choose the BBCS for the ultimate male chastity experience.

Unlock your potential with Behind Barz, where your security and satisfaction are our top priorities. Get your BBCS today and discover a new level of male chastity.