Chastity Device – Male Chastity Belt (BBCB)

Experience the pinnacle of male chastity with the Behind Barz Chastity Device for Male Fetishists (BBCB). Meticulously crafted from premium stainless steel, this device prioritizes cleanliness and security for those embracing male chastity. With a range of components designed for comfort and personalization, the BBCB offers the perfect fit for every enthusiast. Elevate your desires and explore male chastity with confidence today.


See the waistbands page for a detailed explantion about sizes and the available extras

Cock Ring

Check out our cock rings page for more information

Penis Tube

Please note: Additional Bars & PA are not compatible with our Enclosed Tube



Visit our extras page to learn more about the extra options available to personalise your belt.

Please note we can only engrave on stainless steel – If you choose a colour & engraving, the back plate will be left as steel and that will be engraved with your request.

We can engrave Barcodes, QR Codes, Signs & many other Symbols, Please get in touch via email if this is something you require.


Elevate Your Experience with the Behind Barz Chastity Device for Male Fetishists

Unlock new levels of security and hygiene with the Behind Barz Chastity Device for Male Fetishists (BBCB). Designed to provide the utmost in cleanliness and security, the BBCB is the cornerstone of your male chastity journey.

Key Features of the Behind Barz Chastity Device (BBCB)

  • Crafted from Premium Stainless Steel: The BBCB is expertly fashioned from high-quality 316 surgical stainless steel, ensuring both durability and comfort. The 1.2mm stainless steel waistband and additional components made from 2mm stainless steel offer robustness and longevity.
  • Optimal Cleanliness: Our design philosophy prioritizes hygiene without compromising on security. The stainless steel construction simplifies maintenance, ensuring your male chastity experience is both secure and exceptionally clean.
  • Comprehensive Components: The BBCB includes a range of essential components:
    • Waistband (with Color Options): Offering comfort and security, the waistband is available in various color options to match your preferences.
    • Cock Ring: This component ensures both comfort and security.
    • Penis Tube: An integral part of the system, the penis tube provides additional security.
    • Fitting Nut: Ensuring a snug and secure fit, the fitting nut is a vital component.
    • Locks x 2 (Same Key): Two locks are provided, offering uncompromising security.
    • Spacer Plates x 3: Spacer plates allow for a personalized and comfortable fit.
    • Standard Back Plate: This plate is designed for your convenience.

The Perfect Fit: Sizing Made Easy

We understand the importance of a comfortable and secure fit for your male chastity device. For detailed sizing guidance, please refer to our measuring guide to ensure your BBCB is tailored to your specific needs.

Unlock Your Desires with the BBCB

The Behind Barz Chastity Device for Male Fetishists is more than just a chastity belt; it’s a commitment to security, hygiene, and satisfaction. Our BBCB serves as the foundation for your male chastity journey, offering both beginners and experienced enthusiasts the ideal blend of security and cleanliness.

Embrace your desires with confidence and select the BBCB as your trusted companion in the world of male chastity.

Unlock your potential with Behind Barz, where security and satisfaction are our top priorities. Get your BBCB today and experience a new level of male chastity.