2mm Thick – Waistband

We had made a small production run of 2mm Thick Waistabnds, Our usual thickeness is 1.2mm making these sides 0.8mm thicker. All of your components will work exacatly the same way with these sides. These are a trial product due to limited requests.


See the waistbands page for a detailed explantion about sizes and the available extras


Visit our extras page to learn more about the extra options available to personalise your belt.


Please note we can only engrave on stainless steel – If you choose a colour & engraving, the back plate will be left as steel and that will be engraved with your request.



Our Male Chastity Belts are designed to be adjustable. The waist size can be increased or decreased by 2 inches of the original size in inch increments. For example a 34″ Waistband can be adjust down to a 32″ and upto a 36″

See our measuring guide for how to correctly measure yourself for a perfect fit.