Penis Tube information

Our Penis Tubes come in lengths of 2”, 3” & 4” and have an inside Diameter of 36mm. Our Tube design ensures that erections are not possible and will not cause pain, additionally it offers the wearer enough access to be able to wash thoroughly without compromising on security.

Additional Bars

Additional Bars are added to the gaps within the tube to restrict access even further.

Prince Albert Modification

We can modify our Behind Barz Penis Tubes to incorporate your Prince Albert Piercing into our belt. Our Prince Albert tube is designed with a large vertical slot that is 8mm wide at the tip of the Tube; when the penis is inserted into the tube, the piercing ring will protrude through this slot.  On the end of the tube are two locating points through which a barbell is placed.  The barbell goes through the first locating point, then the protruding piercing ring and out through the second locating point securing the ring to the outside of the tube.  The piercing Barbell we use is 16mm in length (ball to ball) with an overall length of 20mm and is 1.6mm in thickness.

Removable Cage + 3 Locking System

If you currently have a Removable Cage Mod or a 3 point locking system chastity belt you will require a tube to suit, this tube will have added petals to ensure the cage sits flush and/ or a larger center hole to accomodate the third locking post.