Bare, Enclosed & Hannibal Range

The Bare Cage was our original design and is the best for easy 24/7 wear since the aim was to give the user optimum cleanliness without compromising on security. The Bare Cage has plenty of exposure for a keyholder to tease the wearer!

The Enclosed Cage is still open enough to provide the user optimum cleanliness without compromising on security however it provides more support for the scrotum and restricts some of the access to the bottom of the penis tube.

The Hannibal range offers even more concealment, with the Hannibal 1 starting with a completley sealed bottom portinon and becoming even more concealed the higher up the Hannibal Range you go, Finishing on a completely encapsulated Hannibal 3 with only holes in to allow cleansing!

Flat Front & Sissy Cage

The Flat Front & Sissy cages are perfect for anyone wanting to get that realistic curve, the Sissy Cage includes realistc lips whilst the Flat Front is smooth all the way down, the bars down the side of the cage make cleaning easy whilst keeping everything locked up and secure. These look fantastic under clothing!

Removable Cage & 3 point locking system

The Removable Cage & 3 Point Locking System is a perfect modifcation for anyone that needs access to the penis tube, the removable cage can be took off via just the center nut, whilst the tube & ring remain locked. The 3 point locking system requires a key to remove the cage, usually keyed differently to the other two locks. This can aid in cleanliness and give you break from the outercage without compromising security.