Measuring Guide

Measuring for Waistband

  1. Measure 2 inches up from the base of your penis and mark this point on your abdomen.
  2. Next measure around your body (just above your hips) and down to this point.  This gives you the circumference of your waistband. You will find this measurement is slightly larger than your standard trouser size, for example if you wear 36″ trousers then you will likely find that you require a 38″ belt.
  3. Your Behind Barz Male Chastity Belt will be made to this size although it will adjust 2 inches either way.
Measuring Waistband

Measuring for Cock Ring

  1. Take a string and slip it behind your scrotum and tug it up around the top of your penis (where it meets your body). The string should be pulled snugly to get an accurate measurement, but not too tight.
  2. Mark the string on both sides where it comes together at the top.
  3. Remove the string and measure between the marks. This measurement will give you your circumference of your cock and balls (behind your scrotum).
  4. Take your circumference measurement and divide by 3. This measurement will give you your approximate diameter, which is how most cock rings are sized.
  5. Repeat this process a few times to assure an accurate measurement.
Measuring Cock Ring

Measuring for Penis Tube

We offer a 2, 3 and 4 inch penis tube. To measure for the tube, you are simply required to measure along the top of your penis, from the base to the tip. The penis tube is made with a standard width of 36mm Diameter.

Measuring Penis Tube