Detachable cuff connectors

Our detachable stainless steel cuff connectors offer wrist restraint to ensure the wearer is kept just where you want him and prevents any bad behaviour!  When not required the connectors can simply be removed.  Please let us know (using the free text box when ordering) if you would like the attachment points to be on the side or back of the belt (small holes would be left in the belt when the connectors are removed).

DreamLover 2000 modification

DreamLover Labs Dreamlover 2000 (DL2000) can be integrated on to any Behind Barz Complete System. The DL2000 is a male management system that allows the keyholder to have maximum control over his or her sub, even when not in the same country! The DL2000 is a radio-controlled, electric pulse chastity device add-on, featuring an on-board Male Management Unit (MMU) and is specifically designed and fine-tuned to maximize your male’s output and reduces training time required to obtain ongoing compliance. The device itself is housed in a plastic unit which is attached the Outer Cage of the Behind Barz Chastity Belt. The DL2000 cannot be removed without unlocking and removing the belt. We have developed the design to ensure the electrics are isolated from the belt and tube – ensuring electricity makes contact through the two dome headed nuts. The top nut touches the penis and the bottom nut touches the scrotum. It has been designed in such a way that when the device is not in use the belt can be worn normally without any trace of it being there. The DL2000 needs to be purchased separately from DreamLover Labs direct. You can read more about the device and see the latest prices on their website: http://www.dreamloverlabs.com/

Prince Albert modification

We can modify our Behind Barz Penis Tubes to incorporate your  Prince Albert Piercing into our belt. Our Prince Albert Tube is designed with a large vertical slot that is 8mm wide at the tip of the Tube; when the penis is inserted into the Tube, the piercing ring will protrude through this slot. On the end of the Tube are two locating points through which a Barbell is placed. The Barbell goes through the first locating point, then the protruding piercing ring and out through the second locating point securing the ring to the outside of the Tube. The piercing Barbell we use is 16mm in length (ball to ball) with an overall length of 20mm and is 1.6mm in thickness. If you require an alternative way of using your PA or have a different type of piercing such as Frenum, Apadravya or Dydoe please use the free text box when ordering to provide further information.