It is all down to personal preference and what feels more comfortable for you, however our most commonly sold ring is a 50mm oval ring. A round ring is most commonly used on ball trap devices as it sits more comfortably around the shape of the penis and testicles, this is because ball trap devices are attached to the cock ring to hold them in place and is able to move around freely with the body’s natural movements as it isn’t held in place by anything other than itself. Where as on our full belt system the cock ring is held in place by the waistband which doesn’t allow it all to hang naturally like a device but rather hold everything more upright and in place, so an oval ring is longer than a round ring and gives you more comfort and movement under the testicles than a round ring does but all while still holding very strong security.
Our usual lead times for crafting our belts by hand is 6-8 weeks from the date of purchase. We will always do our best to get your belt to you before this date but due to a forever growing high demand for our belts, we may not always be able to get it out before 6-8 weeks. If you have a special date in mind and need your belt in a hurry then speak to us and we’ll see what we can do for you.
No need to measure differently please follow the guide on our measuring page.  We have clients of all shapes and sizes; our larger gents tend to wear their belt just under the belly and due to our belts being completely smooth on the edges, it is just as comfortable as it is for everyone else.
The belt can be worn without a rear attachment, but we say this does complete our system and make certain it is secure!  Some clients choose not to use a rear attachment and remain perfectly secure especially those with Hannibal cages as they are very tough to pull away from the body.
We have lots of clients who sit for long periods; driving, at a desk, etc – it takes a little getting used to but everyone tells us it’s very comfortable once they have become accustomed to their belt.
As we handcraft all the belts you can have exactly what you like.  We offer several Outer Cage options now; the Hannibal 2 & 3 would certainly eliminate touching.  However, if you wanted a Bare or Enclosed Cage we could build up the gaps on the Penis Tube by adding bars which would then allow you to wash easily whilst restricting access.
The Outer Cages we offer for our Complete Systems are one size; they are based on a standard sized jock strap cup and fit all sizes. However, if you did want a customised outer cage we would be happy to discuss with you.
As standard we supply 2 identically keyed locks with 2 matching keys.  When placing your original order please specify if you require additional keys. If you come back to us at a later date we will be able to provide a set of replacement locks that will be keyed differently – we charge £40 plus shipping for a new set of locks.
If you do not already own a DreamLover2000 you can order one direct here: http://www.dreamloverlabs.com/. We do not need you to ship this to us, we would modify your belt to incorporate this device and send out with instructions.
Our locking system is a very close and narrow profile made up of two radial locks placed either side of a fitting nut.  The locks protrude 11mm from the front of the belt and they are smooth.  The fitting nut in the centre of the locking system is there to simply assist the wearer.  It’s easy to put this on once all of the components have been placed on the belt and the wearer is comfortable.  Finally the locks are added on to the belt.  The key is required to close as well as open the locks.

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