Chastity Belt for Men - BBCS Complete System

Complete Chastity Belt for Men (BBCS)

At Behind Barz, we understand the importance of security and cleanliness when it comes to male chastity. Our Behind Barz Complete System (BBCS) chastity belt for men is meticulously handcrafted using 316 surgical stainless steel to provide men with an unparalleled experience in chastity. With a focus on optimising hygiene without compromising on security, the BBCS sets a new standard in male chastity belts.


Crafted in the Heart of the UK: Expertly Designed Male Chastity Belt

Our male chastity belt and accessories are born in the heart of the United Kingdom, crafted by expert craftsmen in our state-of-the-art workshop. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of British craftsmanship when it comes to a Male Chastity Belt, ensuring that every product we offer stands as a testament to the tradition of quality and precision. Whether you’re new to the world of male chastity or an experienced enthusiast, our offerings are tailored to meet your expectations.

Precision in Surgical Stainless Steel

We understand that hygiene and durability are paramount when it comes to Male Chastity Belts. That’s why all our products are meticulously fashioned from top-tier 316 surgical stainless steel. This high-quality material is not only robust and long-lasting but also exceptionally easy to maintain, making cleanliness a breeze. With Behind Barz, you can have confidence in both the design and the materials used in our products.

The Art of Tasteful and Functional Design

At Behind Barz, we appreciate that male chastity is as much an art form as it is a lifestyle choice. Our team of designers and craftsmen work tirelessly to create products that blend tasteful aesthetics with functional design. Whether you seek discreet undergarments, innovative locking mechanisms, or a beautifully designed Male Chastity Belt, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to tasteful and functional design ensures that you can explore your fantasies with confidence and style.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

We understand the personal nature of male chastity, and we respect your need for privacy. Your journey into this world should be intimate and personal, free from any concerns about discretion. At Behind Barz, we prioritize your privacy when it comes to Male Chastity Belts, ensuring that your shopping experience is as discreet as your desires. From secure online transactions to unmarked packaging, we’ve got you covered.

Fulfilling Your Fantasies: Diverse Male Chastity Belt Options

Your fantasies are our focus. Whether you’re exploring male chastity as part of an exciting relationship dynamic or simply seeking a unique form of self-expression, Behind Barz is here to help you realize your desires. We offer a wide range of products to cater to all tastes and preferences, ensuring that your journey is as diverse and exciting as your fantasies themselves.

Experience the World of Male Chastity

Unleash your desires, explore your fantasies, and experience the world of male chastity like never before with Behind Barz. We invite you to browse our catalogue, discover the perfect Male Chastity Belt or accessory for you, and embark on an adventure of pleasure and self-discovery.

Choose quality, craftsmanship, and privacy. Choose Behind Barz – Your trusted destination for a Male Chastity Belt and accessories.

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I was first introduced to this brand (Behind Barz) at Spanksgiving 2016.  I was teaching a class on chastity and one of the audience members showed me his belt (with his keyholder’s permission of course ? ).  I fell in love with the belt.”  Read Rope Squirrel’s review here and listen to him interview Joe our Creative Director here at Behind Barz

Rope Squirrel, Kink in the chain, US.  June 2017
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