“I’ve received the belt and it’s a masterpiece.”

– Thomas, ID, USA. April 2017

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note as I’ve had the belt for a few days. Still fiddling a little bit to get the comfort perfect especially waistband length, but from first observations, I love it. I’ve been wearing just the waistband during the day to get used to it, and I’m already forgetting it’s there. Two full nights with the full ring, tube and cage and I haven’t had to take it off due to discomfort! I’m pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the tube is, I was expecting more pinch points between the sides, but it just doesn’t happen. I love the black, it’s exactly what I was expecting. Thanks so much for putting out a quality product!!”

– JN, USA. March 2017

“I remember the first time I wore my belt with an outer cage. What a difference! I was expecting it to feel different, of course, but it really was a huge change. Firstly, the security I wished for is there. There really is no escape. ”

Andy (Ruffled Sheets), UK: Client, Sex Toy Reviewer, Consultant & blogger. February 2017

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“I absolutely love it!  It is so extremely comfortable.  It just feels like I am wearing a pair of undies that I cannot take off!  The screws on the back, how the “nut” slides in to the screw is wow!  My last belt had actual nuts that stuck out slightly.  Great attention to detail!  And I love how the front doesn’t stick out.  More flat fronted without being as feminine looking as some other belts.  Perfect mix of discretion and style!”

– Justin, North Carolina, USA. February 2017

“I just wanted to let you know that the belt arrived last night. WOW!!!!  It is even nicer than I expected. It fits so well. I have another cutom made belt from a different manufacturer and this one fits so much better. It is much less noticeable under clothing compared to my other belt. I really like how easy it is to clean. ”

– Sean, Hawaii, USA. January 2017

“My god, it’s gorgeous. In a room full of people wearing chastity devices at a local kink convention, this was the device that had everyone talking and wanting to see every angle and know every feature about it. It just LOOKS stunning and “inescapable” when placed on someone’s body. ”

– Mistress Kay (Kinky World): Sex Toy Reviewer, Consultant & blogger. December 2016

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“It sort of feels like being locked up in Fort Knox, Very sturdy, no way to get out once you get in.  It will take me some getting used to because of the sturdiness of the belt, very little movement at all.  Very well manufactured in all aspects

– Paul, USA.  November 2016

“Thanks Behind Barz, it’s easy to see why you have such an excellent reputation for customer service

Chastity Mansion Member – September 2016

“Your customer service is just superb!”

– Mark, USA. August 2016

“Thanks so much for your great service, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Mexican National. March 2016

“I’ve grown to love the feel of steel around my waist and it feels odd when it’s not there. It’s impossible for me to become erect and I have no idea when my next orgasm will be.”

Andy (Ruffled Sheets), UK: Client, Sex Toy Reviewer, Consultant & blogger. February 2016

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“The belt is very comfortable, the locking system is great and he likes the feel of the steel and how easy it is to clean!”

Wife and Keyholder of Client from the USA. February 2016

“If you’re looking for a full metal rigid male chastity belt, I’d recommend talking to the team at Behind Barz.”

DogsBody: Client and Chastity Mansion Member. February 2016

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“There is no noticeable bump with this device at the front! The design is stunning and I am totally secure. You did a great job!”

French National. September 2015

“Behind Barz belts are British made and of the best quality”

FetLife Post from Client. August 2015

“My custom-made belt looks amazing. It will be awesome when the chains go on. No escape for me. Thanks so much for your understanding.”

Client, Milton Keynes, UK. July 2015

“It looks like your group did some thorough design work, especially from the hygiene standpoint. I think that’s really important for us with active lifestyles. Your price point is fairly reasonable as well! You’re creating a decent buzz here in the states”

Message from FetLife Member, Illinois, US. June 2015

“The belt has been through some interesting tests this week…

a) Driving and sitting – pass!
b) Driving a forklift truck – pass!
c) Pain in the scrotum – None – Hurrah!
d) Pain for the cock – None

Just that nice feeling of restricted fullness when an erection attempts.”

Phil, Client and blogger from East Midlands, UK. May 2015.

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“I have been very impressed with the service you have offered from the outset and the quality of the products made is first class”

Email from Brian, Hampshire, UK. March 2015

“The success of the belt design is due to the efforts of the Creative Director who impressed me so much with his in depth understanding of why other chastity belts had not worked for me. His professional yet approachable manner gave me such confidence and I cannot praise him highly enough”

Steve, West Midlands, UK. February 2015