How we came to manufacture chastity belts

We have been making bespoke metal products, here in the heart of the UK, for over 50 years. In 2013 we were approached to create a Male Chastity Belt for a client who was unhappy with the products on the market and wanted a handcrafted Belt from a skilled metal worker. We set out to design and manufacture the highest quality Male Chastity Belt we could. The initial design was researched, built, tested, reviewed, amended and so on. This went on for over a year until we were happy with what we had created. Our client was overwhelmed with what we had made and suggested that there was a need for a product of this quality in the market. Further development then followed to build a system that would allow people of different shapes and sizes to be able to own our creation. Several prototypes were sent across the world to our clients contacts and with their feedback we are now able to offer The Behind Barz Male Chastity Belt (BBCB). We believe this product to be the best on the market. The design of the BBCB and additional accessories appeals to men as well as women. This premium product is for the fetish devotees or couples interested in expanding their sexual experiences with chastity.

All belts and accessories are manufactured in the UK using 316 surgical steel. Each product can be customised in a range of colours and engraving is also available. Our belts have been purchased across the globe and are delivered in discrete packaging. If you have any specific requirement for your belt or accessories please contact us using our enquiry form.

Our goal is to satisfy your needs for privacy and fantasy. We work hard to demonstrate our respect for our clients. The service we provide is prompt, convenient, discreet and responsive to your needs. The products we manufacture and sell must meet our highest standards of quality for tasteful and functional design.


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